The Last Summoner

Cover1_LastSummoner-frontcover“The Last Summoner”, July 27, 2012

Every Choice Has a Price…

On the eve of a Teutonic battle in Poland, Vivianne Schoen, the young Baroness von Grunwald, discovers that she can alter history – but not before she is branded a witch and must flee through a time-space tear. Now in an alternate present-day France ruled by Teutonic Black Knights, she must decide how to remake the history she authored.

“A hard book to put down. Loved the historical references of gear, place and events. The characters involved you in their lives. Fast-paced”

“A clever, well-written book” — AMAZON REVIEW

Exquisite! … A wonderful and skillful historical time traveler full to the brim of colourful characters intertwined with chicanery and loved, loved, loved the metaphors.  A page -turner.”— AMAZON REVIEW

“For those in love with science fiction at its best, “The Last Summoner” it’s a complex story of ignored responsibilities and their dire consequences, of love and betrayal that span centuries and multiple worlds. Time travel, multiverse travel, immortality, alternate history in which the Nazis have won, not in the twentieth century but way earlier, in the Teutonic age. Angels and mutants, utopias and dystopias, even a Tesla occurrence, everything a science fiction reader could ever desire in a book. A masterfully told compelling story with great characters. Nina moves flawlessly from a medieval story to a modern one and everything in between.”COSTI GURGU, author of Recipearium

“...A good, clever read and I think that history buffs would really enjoy it…You should read this book if you love fantasy, history or a combination  of the two, you’re a fan of time travel and its many twists and turns, the concept of influencing historical events to create a better world intrigues you.“— THE COCONUT CHRONICLES

Overall I thought it was pretty awesome.” — GOODREADS REVIEW

“An enticing fantasy exploring the Knightly order and adding many new perspectives” —THE MIDWEST BOOK REVIEW

The Last Summoner
by Nina Munteanu
Starfire World Syndicate
ISBN 978-1938658990
Published July 27, 2012
Trade Paperback 406p
Digital ebook


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