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Outer Diverse, Book 1 of The Splintered Universe Trilogy, October 15, 2011
Thirty years have passed since the mysterious Vos invaded our galaxy…When Detective Rhea Hawke investigates the massacre of an entire spiritual sect, her quest for justice catapults Rhea into the heart of a universal struggle. Her search takes her across alien landscapes of cruel beauty toward an unbearable truth she’s hidden from herself since she first murdered an innocent man.

“… a master of metaphor, Munteanu turns an adventure story into a wonderland of alien rabbit holes.”
— CRAIG H. BOWLSBY, author and creator of Commander’s Log

An addictive start to the trilogy.”BOOK ADDICT

“Rhea Hawke is a Galactic Guardian, and I love to say her name. Her name alone let’s you know that there is a bad ass super hero of a woman on site. I can picture her boots, her great coat, and her side arms. I want to be her when I grow up. ” — DAB OF DARKNESS

“A magic carpet ride of adventure that not only reaches deep into the folds of the Universe, but into the depths of the soul”— GOODREADS REVIEW

A feast for the senses: glorious worlds with complex inhabitants hurtle towards our unprepared ears.”— QUIRKY MEZZO 23

Nina Munteanu’s story is full of surprises, full of action and twists…LILLY’S BOOK WORLD

Outer Diverse “evokes in the reader a desire for exploring the miraculous diversity of life…Nina Munteanu creates a human future on the edge of chaos.”— SPECULATING CANADA

Outer Diverse
Book 1 of The Splintered Universe Trilogy
by Nina Munteanu
Starfire World Syndicate
ISBN 978-0982378335
Published October 15, 2011
Trade Paperback 326p
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Inner-diverse-front-coverInner Diverse, Book 2 of The Splintered Universe Trilogy, December 13, 2012
Amidst the rumble of an imminent extra-galactic war…Rhea Hawke continues her quest for truth and justice even as her own Galactic Guardians chase her to the far reaches of the known universe from the Weeping Mountains of Horus to the blistering deserts of Upsilon 3. When she is finally captured, a life sentence awaits her on the penal colony of Sekmet from where no one has escaped and lived.

“…A rollicking science fiction plot with all the trappings …Hawke is a maverick in the Wild West tradition, up against the world…a genetic mystery  with lethal powers.”  LYNDA WILLIAMS, author of the Okal Rel Series

“Enjoyable action romp…Rhea Hawke is the cop who breaks all the rules, transported to the future…a well written book.”AMAZON REVIEW

wonderful world building with fascinating aliens and planets, along with detailed  weapons, missions, errors, and blunders.”—MARTHA’S BOOKSHELF

There’s so much I have enjoyed about this series so far. Rhea is a fascinating character from the start and she continues to grow throughout the tale. There’s her AI ship, Benny, her sentient great coat, her special made gun, and her own hidden shapeshifting abilities. Then there’s a cast of interesting characters, good guys and bad guys. I love that I don’t know how things will turn out; the plot keeps me guessing.”—DAB OF DARKNESS

       Inner Diverse
Book 2 of The Splintered Universe Trilogy
by Nina Munteanu
Starfire World Syndicate
ISBN  978-0982378359
Published December 13, 2012
Trade Paperback 344p
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Metaverse-FRONT-webMetaverse, Book 3 of The Splintered Universe Trilogy,  March 10, 2014
Splintered events…Single destiny
In the scintillating conclusion of The Splintered Universe Trilogy, former Galactic Guardian Rhea Hawke, returns to Earth, no longer home, to enlist the help from an unlikely ally to avert the annihilation of the entire human race; but the task proves more dangerous than the war she is trying to prevent and opens a new and final intrigue to her own dark legacy.

“A roller coaster ride from start to finish…” —AMAZON REVIEW

“Munteanu has woven a tapestry of events that had me spellbound to the end!”— GOODREADS REVIEW

“Oh yes! An explosive ending indeed! This was such a great series, with world development and great characters, full of action…I am sorry it’s over!”LILLY’S BOOK WORLD

Book 3 of The Splintered Universe Trilogy
by Nina Munteanu
Pixl Press
ISBN 978-0981101279
Published March 10, 2014
Trade Paperback 254p
Digital Ebook