“A Diary in the Age of Water”, June 18, 2020
Centuries from now, in a dying boreal forest in what used to be northern Canada, Kyo, a young acolyte called to service in the Exodus, yearns for Earth’s past–the Age of Water, before the “Water Twins” destroyed humanity. Looking for answers and plagued by vivid dreams of this holocaust, Kyo discovers the diary of Lynna, a limnologist from a time just prior to the destruction. The diary spans a twenty-year period in the mid-twenty-first century and describes a planet in the grip of severe water scarcity. Lynna, in her work for the international utility that controls everything about water, witnesses and records the disturbing events that will soon lead to humanity’s demise. A Diary in the Age of Water follows the climate-induced journey of Earth and humanity through four generations of women, each with a unique relationship to water. The novel explores identity and our concept of what is “normal”–as a nation and an individual–in a world that is rapidly and incomprehensibly changing.

“Evoking Ursula LeGuin’s unflinching humane and moral authority, Nina Munteanu takes us into the lives of four generations of women and their battles against a global giant that controls and manipulates Earth’s water. In a diary that entwines acute scientific observation with poignant personal reflection, Lynna’s story unfolds incrementally, like climate change itself. Particularly harrowing are the neighbourhood water betrayals, along with Lynna’s deliberately dehydrated appearance meant to deflect attention from her own clandestine water collection. Her estrangement from her beloved daughter, her “dark cascade” who embarks upon a deadly path of her own, is heartwrenching. Munteanu elegantly transports us between Lynna’s exuberant youth and her tormented present, between microcosm and macrocosm, linking her story and struggles-and those of her mother, daughter, and granddaughter-to the life force manifest in water itself. In language both gritty and hauntingly poetic, Munteanu delivers an uncompromising warning of our future.”
LYNN HUTCHINSON LEE, author, multimedia artist and playwright

“Transcendent.. .. A book of genuine power, A Diary in the Age of Water, is simply and beautifully told, profoundly true; a novel that invites us all to embrace the wisdom of ages. The story stirs its readers, teaches them about the importance of water, and leaves an indubitable imprint on the canvas of the literary and scientific world.”
LUCIA MONICA GOREA, author of Journey Through My Soul

“Like the works of Margaret Atwood and George Orwell, whose flavours seep through, this story works as both literature and persuasion.”

“In poetic prose with sober factual basis, Munteanu transmutes a harrowing dystopia into a transcendentalist origin myth. An original cautionary tale that combines a family drama with an environmental treatise.

“Lyrical and dystopian, ‘A Diary in the Age of Water’ is as much an ode to water as it is a cautionary tale about the dire implications of climate change.”

“Even within its dystopia setting of growing authoritarianism and absurdities about the idea of ownership of domination of nature, Munteanu imbues her novel with a transcendent optimism that an ecological core will abide the sins of humankind, including a remnant of humanity being reborn as something new.”

“Even within its dystopia setting of growing authoritarianism and absurdities about the idea of ownership of domination of nature, Munteanu imbues her novel with a transcendent optimism that an ecological core will abide the sins of humankind, including a remnant of humanity being reborn as something new.”

A Diary in the Age of Wateris an insightful novela cautionary tale rummaging through the forgotten drawers of time in the lives of four generations.”

“A brilliant story… Munteanu gives us a dystopian shiver fest as if applying electro-shock therapy to our souls… Munteanu writes with fresh, stimulating style, and she takes us through these characters’ minds with a rich flow of metaphor and insight.”
CRAIG BOWLSBY, author of The Knights of  Winter

“A  great literary work!”
CLAUDIU MURGAN, author of Water Entanglement

“…One of the most important books of a generation.”

“The story like water itself fills you, moves you, hypnotizes you, and eventually, totally engulfs you. It leaves you thirsting for the answers to many questions. How? When? Why? The science is real based on a classic text. The characters are real living out their lives just as we do limited by our weaknesses and expanded by our strengths. Science and story-telling intermingle to create ‘A Diary in the Age of Water’. A must read!”AMAZON REVIEW

“Thoroughly researched and cleverly executed, A Diary in the Age of Wateris a must-read, especially for those who are longing for nature, and touch, while fearing both.”

“In a writerly style that appeals as much to the poet as to the academic or spiritualist, [Munteanu] makes us wonder what is in store for us in the next 20 years.”
—DANITA MASLAN, author of Rogue Harvest

“This is a significant book for our times … creative, inventive, and possibly prescient.”


A Diary in the Age of Water
A Novel
by Nina Munteanu
Inanna Publications
ISBN 9781771337373
Published June 18, 2020
Trade Paperback 300p
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“Natural Selection A Collection of Short Stories”, April 1, 2013
A man uses cyber-eavesdropping to make love. A technocratic government uses gifted people as tools to recast humanity. The ruins of a city serve as battleground between pro-technologists and pro-naturalists. From time-space guardians to cybersex, GMO, and biotech implants, this short story collection is a journey of great scope, imagination and vision.

Literate…intelligent…a pleasure to read.”BARBARA ROGAN, author of Suspicion

“...A stunning example of good storytelling with an excellent setting and cast of characters.”TANGENT ONLINE

Written with flare and a conscience…Munteanu shines a light on human evolution and how the choices we do or don’t make today, may impact our planet and future generations.”JP MCLEAN, author of The Gift Legacy

Like Larry Niven’s Tales of Known Space, many of the stories in this collection involve the same universe. Nina’s stories tease you, though, I want to know more about this universe of hers.”AMAZON REVIEW

A collection of gritty, hard scrabble stories about a possible future … a well written, thought provoking collection of storiesAMAZON REVIEW

“Nina Munteanu is a gifted writer. Each story surprises and delights.”—ALLAN STANLEIGH, co-author of USNA and The Caretakers

Natural Selection
A Collection of Short Stories
by Nina Munteanu
Pixl Press
ISBN 978-0981101286
Published April 1, 2013
Trade Paperback 120p
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“Darwin’s Paradox”, November 5, 2007
A devastating disease. A world on the brink of violent change. One woman who can save it or destroy it all… Julie Crane must confront the will of the ambitious virus lurking inside her to fulfill her final destiny as Darwin s Paradox, the key to the evolution of an entire civilization.

This book was hard to put down…takes you into scientific theory, hard science facts, and political intrigue while still telling a story about characters that you can care about. This is half hard Science Fiction, half personal struggle.”

Perfect for any collection appealing to avid science fiction readers.”

A fast-paced thrill ride through a futuristic landscape that’s as eerily familiar as it is alarming.”
JP MCLEAN, author of The Gift Trilogy

 “A thrill ride that makes you think and tugs the heart!”
—ROBERT J. SAWYER, Hugo and Nebula Award-winning author of Wake.

Darwin’s Paradox
by Nina Munteanu
Dragon Moon Press
ISBN 978-1896944685
Published November 5, 2007
Trade Paperback 280p





“Angel of Chaos”,  October 17, 2010
In 2095 Darwin’s evolution kills. Darwin’s Disease is tearing apart the ordered peace of North America. Julie Crane is a brilliant data handler with a unique talent for finding the impossible fast, and getting into trouble faster. Her relentless search for a cure leads her to a horrifying discovery that incriminates her in a heinous conspiracy to recast humankind.

Nina Munteanu’s Angel of Chaos is a gripping blend of big scientific ideas, cutthroat politics and complex yet sympathetic characters that will engage readers from its thrilling opening to its surprising and satisfying conclusion.”
—HAYDEN TRENHOLM, Aurora-winning writer of The Steele Chronicles

Wonderfully written.”

This is a story with great scope…as Julie finds out the truth about her father, she discovers a truth that will tear her world apart.”
—BILL JOHNSON, author of A Story is a Promise

Munteanu combines gritty science fiction with environmental activism … Munteanu ignites a fire in her reader’s imagination.”
—LESLEY DONALDSON, author of  The Queen’s Viper

Angel of Chaos
by Nina Munteanu
Dragon Moon Press
ISBN 978-1897492123
Published October 17, 2010
Trade Paperback 306p



Water Is-cover


“Water is…The Meaning of Water”, April 12, 2016

Internationally published author, teacher and limnologist Nina Munteanu explores one of the most important elements of Earth.

Nina Munteanu’s “Water Is…” represents the culmination of over twenty-five years of dedication as limnologist and aquatic ecologist in the study of water. As a research scientist and environmental consultant, Nina studied water’s role in energizing and maintaining the biomes, ecosystems, and communities of our precious planet. During her consulting career for industry and government, Nina discovered a great disparity between humanity’s use, appreciation and understanding of water. This set in motion a quest to further explore our most incredible yet largely misunderstood and undervalued substance.

Part history, part science and part philosophy and spirituality,Water Is…” combines personal journey with scientific discovery that explores water’s many “identities” and ultimately our own.

We can’t live without it, so maybe we should start respecting it; this beautifully designed book by a limnologist looks at water from 12 different angles, from life and motion and vibration to beauty and prayer
MARGARET ATWOOD, German literary Peace Prize winner and author of The Handmaid’s Tale, Canada

An adventurous, surprising and inspiring book that could not feel more timely. The writing swept me away on a journey through history, landscape and our entire universe, yet brought me back home in the end with a fresh perspective on the significance of water.
EMMI ITÄRANTA, author of Memory of Water

Water Is… a treasure trove of insights. How wonderful to see water from so many different perspectives in one very enjoyable book! I will be dipping in for many years to come.”
—TRISTAN GOOLEY, New York Times bestselling author of How to Read Water

This book emotionally connected me with water… It reminded me that life reveals in each space a complex system that is full of surprise and beauty. A system of which I am part, without separation.”—LAURA FRES, One Deep Sustainability, Barcelona, Spain

Nina Munteanu shares her deep wisdom, experience and knowledge of humanity’s greatest natural resource…I am deeply grateful for this book by so highly qualified an author.“—ELISABET SAHTOURIS, author of Gaia’s Dance

This book tries to zero in on the missing part, the great unknown of water, and it does it in a very intelligent and charming way.”—ELMAR C. FUCHS, WETSUS Program Manager

A sumptuous collection of treasures.” —B. KRÖPLIN,  scientist and author of World in a Drop, Germany

An astounding journey!”—MICHAEL JACOBI, physicist at the Institute of Flow Sciences, Germany

Munteanu writes about water and humanity and our role in commodifying this resource and the impact of that mindset. Water is … is an in-depth, compelling and passionate study of water, the world’s life’s blood. Though not a typical read for me, Water is … stirred my emotions and has made me a better steward of this precious resource.“—J.P. MCLEAN, author of The Gift Legacy

Water Is… The Meaning of Water
by Nina Munteanu
Pixl Press
ISBN: 978-0-9811012-4-8 (print); 978-0-9811012-5-5 (digital)
Published April 12, 2016
Trade Paperback/Digital + Index, Bibliography

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“The Ecology of Story: World as Character”, June 11, 2019
Learn how to write for the Anthropocene: from habitats and trophic levels to metaphor and archetype…Learn the fundamentals of ecology, insights of world-building, and how to master layering-in of metaphoric connections between setting and character. “Ecology of Story: World as Character” is the 3rd guidebook in Nina Munteanu’s acclaimed “how to write” series for novice to professional writers.

“For writers creating the essence of place. Ecology of story is for experienced writers, or those who understand the basic elements of storytelling. The beginning is a portrait of ecosystems, and allows the reader to realize that the world a writer creates is an ecosystem of its own, whether it is science fiction, fantasy, or mainstream. I found that I used the book with the focus on place to recreate a world I knew as a child, and that place, itself, is a character in each story told.”—CATHLEEN E. VECCHIATO, Vancouver author

The Ecology of Story
World as Character
by Nina Munteanu
Pixl Press
ISBN 978-0981163659
Published June 11, 2019
Trade Paperback 200p
Digital ebook