Natural Selection

NaturalSelection-frontHR“Natural Selection A Collection of Short Stories”, April 1, 2013
A man uses cyber-eavesdropping to make love. A technocratic government uses gifted people as tools to recast humanity. The ruins of a city serve as battleground between pro-technologists and pro-naturalists. From time-space guardians to cybersex, GMO, and biotech implants, this short story collection is a journey of great scope, imagination and vision.

Literate…intelligent…a pleasure to read.”–BARBARA ROGAN, author of Suspicion

“...A stunning example of good storytelling with an excellent setting and cast of characters.”–TANGENT ONLINE

Written with flare and a conscience…Munteanu shines a light on human evolution and how the choices we do or don’t make today, may impact our planet and future generations.”–JP MCLEAN, author of The Gift Legacy

Like Larry Niven’s Tales of Known Space, many of the stories in this collection involve the same universe. Nina’s stories tease you, though, I want to know more about this universe of hers.”– AMAZON REVIEW

A collection of gritty, hard scrabble stories about a possible future … a well written, thought provoking collection of stories“–AMAZON REVIEW

“Nina Munteanu is a gifted writer. Each story surprises and delights.”—ALLAN STANLEIGH, co-author of USNA and The Caretakers

Natural Selection
A Collection of Short Stories
by Nina Munteanu
Pixl Press
ISBN 978-0981101286
Published April 1, 2013
Trade Paperback 120p
Digital ebook

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